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Thanks to all our sponsors and our many contributors & volunteers who helped bring the Monastery to fruition

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Drikung Kyobpa Choling: Sacred Prayers of Tibetan Lamas



New Year's Day Guru Yoga and Tsok with Ven. Lama Norbu

Join us on January 1st from 10am to Noon for Guru Yoga and Tsok offering with Ven. Lama Norbu followed by a potluck lunch.  

Please bring something for the Tsok Offering such as cookies, crackers, nuts, juice, candy or other snacks. 


Dec. 20th Ngondro Refuge practice teachings 

Drupon Samten Rinpoche will give teachings on the Ngondro Refuge practice for those who are interested in starting the 3-year home-study retreat program as well as those who are new to Buddhism. 

Begins at 7:00pm. 


Dec. 13th 7pm Dharma Movie

Join Drupon Samten for Part I of the Dharma movie, The Tibetan Book of the dead.  Learn more about the Bardo teachings from a beautiful movie that was filmed in Ladakh. 

Starting at 7:00pm 


Dec. 7th VajraYogini Empowerment and Retreat



Sunday, December 7th, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Drupon Samten Rinpoche will give a Vajrayogini empowerment and conduct a full day Vajrayogini retreat at the Tibetan Meditation Center in Escondido.

Vajrayogini, the divine female enlightened dakini, transforms all mundane daily experiences into higher spiritual paths.  Each aspect of Vajrayoginī's form and mandala is designed to convey a spiritual meaning which will be explained at the empowerment.  Visualizing Vajrayoginī is to gain realizations of the generation stage to overcome so-called ordinary appearances and ordinary conceptions, which are said to be the obstructions to liberation and enlightenment. This empowerment is being given at the request of several 3-year retreatants and Drupon Samten is opening up this empowerment for all to attend to receive the great blessings for your daily lives and spiritual practices.

Suggested donation is $30.  Please bring your own lunch or something vegetarian to share for the potluck lunch.  Coffee and tea will be provided.





Nov. 22nd Dharma Movie with Drupon Samten Rinpoche

We invite you to join us this coming Saturday evening, November 22nd, at 7:00 pm when we will be showing a historic Dharma movie: "Drikung: A Faith in Exile". This movie was filmed in Ladakh. It includes footage of a special ceremony at one of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and recounts the story of how His Holiness Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche restored the Drikung lineage after being exiled from Tibet.

Please join us for this fascinating film about a very important piece of history in Tibetan Buddhism.
May all beings benefit........